The Sixth Annual Orlando Fashion Week 2018 Catwalks to a Close!

After a successful official debut, The Rose Carpet Media Group continued onto day two of The Sixth Annual Orlando Fashion Week 2018. With the venue being just as energy filled and eccentric in style as the day before, the fashion lovers gathered to enjoy a night of unique designs and glamorous couture. Founder of The Orlando Fashion Week, Tina Bridges, stepped onto The Rose carpet with Kelaiah Rose to discuss her excitement for the entire fashion event.

The Sixth Annual Fashion Week 2018 day two continued at The CityArts Factory in downtown Orlando, Florida on Saturday, April 8th. Both showcases, began with an exciting performance from local dance team ‘The Performance Dolls.’ Roberto Sanchez is an acclaimed choreographer who is the genius behind The Performance Dolls grand Orlando Fashion Week (OFW) performance. The Rose Carpet’s very own Kelaiah Rose, took the opportunity to exclusively speak with a few of Roberto Sanchez Performance Dolls prior to the kick off of day two of OFW.

Directly following the close of The Sixth Annual Orlando Fashion Week 2018, Kelaiah Rose took the oppurtunity to bring Denia Carmona onto The Rose Carpet for a face-to-face inteview about the debut of her brand. Carma by Denia Carmona made its fashion debut at OFW 2018, although she is no stranger to The Orlando Fashion Week festivities, she was very excited, yet also nervous about her red carpet debut.


  1. Great job! I loved watching the interviews, especially hearing Denia Carmona’s inspiration and emotions during the show. I’m sad that I just missed it, but it looks like it was a great event! Keep up the awesome work.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Will do, thank you! Just subscribed tonight. I’m looking forward to reading more. 🙂


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