Food Interview

The Great American Bacon Race

Hundreds take off on a race for bacon delight.


The Great American Bacon Race is an annual event, and this year it took place at The Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Hill in Orlando, Florida. This years event had over 900 participants line up for two things, their love of bacon and fitness, but mostly for the love of bacon. The event began early Saturday morning, as participants lined up to participate in a 5k run through the beautiful park. Each participant received a medal of honor, and all the bacon they could ever need for a days worth of fun and activities. Participants who made the best time had the honor of receiving the prize of the Golden Pig trophy. Reese Johnson was one of the many participants in The Great American Bacon Race who is no stranger to the festivities. Coming back from a 2nd place trophy last year, Johnson continued to train and won 1st place at this years event. Inspired by her parents who both have running and long distance in their backgrounds, Reese also runs for her middle school and with a local team within the community.

Following the 5k, children of all ages gathered to participate in the Bacon Dash, which was a 1k dash through the gated park which allowed for members of all ages to feel welcomed at The Great American Bacon Race festivities.
Creator of The Great American Bacon Race, Garfield, stepped onto The Rose Carpet to tell us a little about how the entire event began from a silly idea. That one silly idea, that was meant to just be a fun Cinco de Mayo joke, took social media by storm and eventually birth what we know today as, The Great American Bacon Race. Although the bacon race was full of every type of bacon imaginable, from brown sugar bacon, to bacon dipped in chocolate, there was much more food to meet the eye. As The Rose Carpet Media Group’s own Kelaiah Rose took viewers on a wild ride on all things food at The Great American Bacon Race. Lakee Smith Owner and Operator of the Da Muchies Express food truck was present with her bacon themed delectables that she created specifically for this eccentric event. Rose also took the time to¬† meet Vanessa, Owner and Operator of the Absofruitly food truck that specializes in fruit smoothies and bowls.


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