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Florida Music Festival 2018

See what all took place during The 18th Annual Florida Music Festival 2018 with The Rose Carpet Media Group

The 18th Annual Florida Music Festival 2018 was an exciting, music filled event for people of all ages to all come together for the love of music.


The event kicked-off as musical talent from throughout the nation all came together to showcase their musical talents on the multiple stages throughout the Downtown Orlando area. Over a span of three full days, over 150 bands had the opportunity to perform on 10 stages scattered throughout the community. This festival was a great opportunity for anyone who has any interest in the music industry. Florida Music Festival 2018, also known as FMF 2018, was filled with many performances over a plethora of musical genres, but the excitement did not stop there.


Discussion panels stocked with some of the music industry’s most influential managers, promoters and others who gave real life testimonies of situations they’ve encountered, along with encouragement on what it takes to make it in the music industry and what it is like to be behind the scenes working while putting together some of the world’s biggest and most influential musical festivals.

The Florida Music Festival 2018 was composed of many different venues throughout the Downtown Orlando area, but one of the most influential locations for this musical event took place at Ace Cafe Orlando. Ace Cafe is a very eccentric restaurant/bar that is filled with so much personality and excitement. Coupled with a biker store, Ace Cafe brings many bike and automobile clubs for a quick bite and some amazing art. Throughout the hallways within this amazing space, you will see all types of artwork, as well as motorcycles and old school classic automobiles strategically placed within the restaurant to make you eager to come back and see more.

Kelaiah Rose and James "Disco Donnie" Estopinal
The Rose Carpet Media Group’s Kelaiah Rose poses alongside the seminal name in Electronic Dance Music festival and events, James Estopinal, better known to millions of Festival goers as Disco Donnie after his phenomenal open talk at Ace Cafe during The 18th Annual Florida Music Festival 2018!

The Ace Cafe venue was the host of many of the main events that took place on Friday, May 11th, such as; Stephanie Christie’s industry mixer, Disco Donnie Presents Keynote Speaker James “Disco Donnie” Estopinal to discuss the Past, Present and Future of EDM, along with the FMF Blue Man Group Drum Competition.  Unable to cover every event, Kelaiah Rose made sure she pulled through and as usual did not disappoint as she made her way to both The Blue Man Group Drum Competition and the industry discussion with Disco Donnie.

During the open discussion with Disco Donnie he touched on many of the topics that Rose was curious about; he took the time to elaborate on what inspired him most to begin working in music promotions in the early 90s. Disco Donnie also discussed how when he began his career in the early 90s and how the industry has evolved since he first entered into the music scene as a promoter. So many topics were discussed during the open discussion, be sure to stay tuned for the media content that will be posted within the next few days. On day one, the Florida Music Festival Blue Man Group Drum Competition, Rose was there to see 15 semi-finalist be narrowed down to the Top 5 finalist; The panel selected five finalists Devonte Gray, Jacobi Gunter, Miguel Gutierrez, Terrell Johnson & Curtis Lyons Jr. Stay tuned to the website and later post, to see exclusive footage of three out of five of the finalist as they competed for their chance to become one of the finalist. The final competition took place on Saturday, May 12th at the Wall Street Plaza in Downtown Orlando Florida. The winner of the entire competition, Jacobi Gunter, took home a full drum set from DW Drums, Vic Firth sticks and gift pack, and VIP tickets to Blue Man Group at Universal Orlando Resort, Sabian rock performance cymbals, which is collectively valued at over $5,000. The semi-finalists received VIP tickets as a reward for their efforts, so everyone was a winner during FMF 2018.

Florida Music Festival 2018 

Thought that was all there was to the Florida Music Festival 2018 with The Rose Carpet Media Group…? Well you’re in luck, see what awesome performances and behind the scenes local artist interviews by checking out Live from the Florida Music Festival 2018 stage with The Rose Carpet Media Group, only on The Rose Carpet!

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