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Overload on Music at FMF 2018

Get to know more about some of the bands and artist who participated in Florida Music Festival 2018, with The Rose Carpet Media Group

The Florida Music Festival 2018, FMF 2018, was an exciting weekend long event dedicated to new artist from throughout the country. Representing all genres of music, FMF 2018 was an event full of music and networking opportunities. While attending the FMF 2018, The Rose Carpet Media Group’s own Kelaiah Rose had the pleasure of meeting so many artist and people who work in the music industry. The festival took place on over 10 stages throughout the Downtown Orlando community and had representation for over 150 bands and artist.

Beemo Photo
Beemo Steps onto The Rose Carpet at Cheyenne Saloon during The Florida Music Festival 2018 (05.11.18)

Luckily, Kelaiah Rose took the opportunity to meet some of the artist and to see their amazing performances throughout the weekend. Beemo is an Americana band local to the Orlando, Florida area as well as to the Florida Music Festival events. On Friday, May 11th, Beemo took to the stage at Cheyenne Saloon & Opera House which was opened back in the 1980s as a part of the Church Street Station Entertainment Complex, but gives its guest the feel of the 1880s. The Cheyenne Saloon is composed of three unique levels of quench filling bars, a stage along with a horseshoe-shaped dance-floor which made it the perfect venue for Beemo’s breathtaking Live-Americana performance. After their performance, Beemo took Kelaiah Rose behind the stage and Stepped onto The Rose Carpet to give our viewers the inside scoop on what is next for the band. Band-mates Shaun and Dan are co-workers who began Beemo five years ago; not long after beginnging the group Tony and Matt joined their co-workers and formed a band.

Beemo Interview Photo
There is so much fun to be had on The Rose Carpet with Kelaiah Rose (05.11.18)

Three years ago, before their FMF performance back in 2015, they called up their pal, Justin, and he has been a loyal band-mate and the completion of Beemo ever since. The chemistry and the fun these gentlemen share is unmatched both on and off the main stage. Beemo has been jamming out together and growing their band for five years and does not plan on slowing down any time soon. For the past two years, Beemo has been working on their debut album. An album composed of 10 to 11 tracks that is sure to take the music scene by storm. The Beemo’s sound can be categorized as Americana, “which is a mixture of folk and rock music,” says Dan, a member of Beemo. Beemo can be found performing all throughout the Orlando scene, especially in the Downtown area. Be on the look out for more from Beemo and the release of their debut album, coming soon. For more on Beemo, Click Here!

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