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From Rags to Fabulous, meet Georgia Culp on The Rose Carpet

If there are two things that can do no wrong in a womans world it would be food and personality, and Ms. Georgia Culp embodies them both with her “RelevancECOlogy” designs. Found on one of our favorite social media apps, Instagram, Georgia has a niche for fashion design that is unmatched; see how she takes unwanted food packaging, as well as other items, and makes them into beautiful gowns and dresses.

Georgia Culp will be showcasing her recycled collection at the Science Center, 777 E. Princeton Street Orlando, Florida 32803,in Orlando,Florida on June 2nd at 7:00p.m., and the designs will be on display until August. This eccentric event will also include poetry, a puppet parade, along with plenty of art and sculptures. For more information about this event, as far as details and ticket purchasing Click Here! Stay tuned with The Rose Carpet Media Group to find out more about Ms. Georgia Patlan and her collection with a full interview coming soon, Only on The Rose Carpet!Georgia Patlan Designs

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