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Meet the Super Woman who is taking the Fashion Industry by Storm, Georgia Culp

See what happens when the love of fashion and the love of the enviroment meet up On The Rose Carpet!


The RelevancECOlogy event showcases many local artist who not only have an eye for the arts, but also are aware of the daily harm that is placed on the environment due to basic human mannerisms, such as not recycling and wasting recyclable goods. Join Kelaiah Rose, CEO of The Rose Carpet Media Group as she Steps onto The Rose Carpet with Orlando Fashion Designer, Georgia Culp.20180602_201644 While always having a passion for fashion, Georgia Culp embodies all things fabulous with an artistic flare at the RelevancECOlogy event in Orlando, Florida. Georgia Culp is a woman on a mission to make a statement worth making. Beginning her career in a costume warehouse where she assisted in the creation and structure of extravagant costumes, Culp got her first taste of the fashion industry while working in a costume warehouse where she participated in creating and building extravagant costumes for clients. Once Culp got a taste of the fashion world, and just how much there are no limitations to what you can do with fashion, it sparked a fire underneath hear that made her want to pursue a career in the fashion industry.Georgia Culp and Models Georgia Culp decided to not just dwell on loving fashion but she began to pursue fashion full force by enrolling herself into an undergraduate fashion program at Sanford Orlando Brown, where she received her Bachelors Degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising, which was a major milestone for Culp. While always being inspired by fashion, Georgia Culp happened to be invited to the “Trash to Trends” fashion show here in Orlando. The “Trash to Trends” fashion show is focused on local designers creating wearable fashions for models to walk the runway. All of the designs showcased at this event are made of recyclable goods, and began the spark of inspiration for Culp to be more eco-friendly in her designs and creations.

Georgia Culp and KRose by Magazine Dress
Join Orlando Fashion Designer, Georgia Culp, as she Steps onto The Rose Carpet with Kelaiah Rose Official. (video below)

Georgia Culp Recycle Designs

Georgia Culp now focuses her brand on wearable fashion because it is not just cost-effective, but it is also way better for the environment and preserving the planet. “We are tired of getting fabrics that are breaking down and going into the trash, when we should be buying pieces and paying for pieces that should last for years, because that’s the way it use to be,” says Culp as she explains the damages the fashion industry has placed on the environment with the lackluster quality of some fabrics and materials.¬†After having her eyes opened and understanding how the world of fashion can change the mold of the industry, Georgia Culp decided to make her brand a brand that not just makes a statement, but also changes the world.

“Wearable fashion, that’s where it’s at,” she explains.¬†“Now we live in a world of disposable fashion. A garment piece last no more than three months, especially when you keep washing it; and that’s not good for the environment.” Culp is a pioneer for the enviroment and the fashion industry that will not go unnoticed, from her eccentric designs to her focus on being eco-friendly, Georgia Culp is a force to be reckoned with.Although the RelevancECOlogy event was focused on the preserving the enviroment and creating masterpieces out of recyclable goods, Culp has the ability to make grand designs with minimal material, i.e. paper and hot glue, imagine the designs she can create with the proper fabrics.

Georgia Culp is open and available for your next customized garment, created with the consumer in mind of course. Contact Orlando Fashion Designer Georgia Culp for your next beautiful fashion piece; contact information below.

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