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The Rose Carpet Media Group:

The Rose Carpet Media Group is a major development that allows Kelaiah Rose to broadcast her media talents throughout the world of Broadcast Media. This outlet will allow Rose to debut her media presence, from her point of view. The Rose Carpet Media Group will report on a variety of media topics, in many different aspects and venues, such as: Fashion, Food, Beauty, Music, Sports, Inspiration, along with Media Content and Special Events.

The Rose Carpet Media Group is established with the community in mind; this is your one-stop shop for being in the know for all aspects of Media mentioned above.

The Rose Carpet Media Group is always open to collaboration throughout the United State.

Contact The Rose Carpet Media Group to provide media content during your upcoming events. We look forward to servicing you. For additional information and bookings contact Owner & Host, Kelaiah Rose, at

We would love to provide media services for you!

Get to know the CEO

Kelaiah Rose| CEO of The Rose Carpet Media Group

The Rose Carpet Media Group was founded and operated by Kelaiah Rose. Kelaiah Rose has always had a passion for Broadcast Media and Fashion from a very young age.

Raised in the military town of Hinesville Georgia, Rose took advantage of every opportunity to develop her talents. “I remember sitting in my bedroom floor for hours just listening to the local radio stations and sketching fashions in my art book, not fully understanding that it wasn’t just a hobby but a passion of mine,” says Rose.

In 2006, Rose began high school where she became the head videographer for the Liberty County Men’s Basketball Team. She held this position for both her freshman and sophomore years. “This was my first real position in Media. I believe it prepared me for my future without even knowing that media is where I would eventually end up,” she reflected.

In the summer of 2007, at the age of 14, Rose took her passion to new heights. She directed and hosted The Rush-N-Roses Cosmopolitan Hair and Fashion Extravaganza, making it her first major fashion and media event.

rush n roses
Rush-N-Rose’s Cosmopolitan Hair and Fashion Extravaganza (2007)

“It all began with a friend of mine pursuing her dream to become a model, but not having the funds to make it happen. So, I took it upon myself to make it happen for her.” From booking models, hairstylist, and even designing wardrobe and acting as a self-proclaimed makeup artist, to make every aspect of the event a success! “This event was my very first mass production and hosting gig.” The building was packed with over 150 people and 20 models who came out to support, and make the production a huge success!

Rose continued to pursue her love for Media by becoming a member of Liberty County High School’s (LCHS) Morning News Broadcasting System, as an anchor-woman for Panther Prowl. While working in this position as a high school junior and senior, she became comfortable speaking and presenting in front of the camera. Kelaiah Rose graduated from LCHS in 2010, directly following her graduation ceremony, she was bombarded by many media outlets, to include WTOC-News out of Savannah Georgia.

wtoc 2010 lchs interview.jpg
Kelaiah being interviewed by WTOC directly following her high school graduation (2010)

Most of the on-camera engagement was based on graduates expressing their excitement with finally completing their first major milestone and plans their future.

Following high school graduation, Rose attended Augusta State University as a Business Major, little did she know that plans would drastically change once she stepped foot into her first accounting class. “I had no idea what was going on. “I felt like the odd-woman out and there was like no way for me to keep up, let alone catch up with my peers,” she says. “I recall the professor explaining that if you could not get the basics down within the first few weeks you were doomed for the semester, this is when the anxiety set in and as an incoming freshman, I had to figure it out alone.” “Directly following my Accounting class, I had Journalism class which I selected as an elective. Little did I know that when I entered that class, at the end of it, I was headed to the Administration building to change my major to Journalism, and the rest is history!”

After attending Augusta State University in Augusta Georgia, for 2 years, she transferred to Georgia State University (GSU), Home of the Panthers in Atlanta Georgia. It was in Atlanta where Rose fully pursued her dreams in every aspect; from fashion, to make-up, and from make-up to modeling. Rose always had one goal in mind…to be a Superstar! Most of Rose’s media experience came from working in different modeling and hosting gigs. Eventually, it all paid off when she was offered a hosting gig with Atlanta’s own Rolling Out Magazine! With this gig, Rose was able to network with many of the movers and shakers in the Urban Media Industry in Atlanta. With her superb networking ability, coupled with her participation GSU’s Journalism Undergraduate Program, she was able to catch her first major opportunity with Core Communicators, Streetz 94.5 FM.

2015-10-20 14.32.26
Streetz 94.5 FM Studio (2015)

In addition to, being offered a major internship with one of the top radio stations in the Atlanta area; Rose also interned with Georgia Public Broadcasting Network, was partnered with GSU-TV.

Working with Streetz 94.5 and GPB/GSU-TV allowed her to participate in many major events throughout the Atlanta area. Rose networking ability, allowed her to build relationships with many Media Producers and other key players in the industry. eventually,

Georgia State University Fall 2015
Kelaiah Rose poses next to Georgia State University Beloved Panther (Fall 2015)

In the Fall of 2015, Kelaiah Rose finished out her undergraduate program, earning herself a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (Communications). Following her commencement ceremony at The Georgia Dome, she received her Bachelor Degree and began to pursue her dreams full force. Rose moved back to her hometown of Hinesville, Georgia and took on roles as a guest radio personality at E 93 in Savannah, Georgia. She eventually relocated to Orlando, Florida to actively pursue her dreams in the media industry.

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