Get Rose Carpet Ready

Get Rose Carpet ready with The Rose Carpet Media Group as we explore the most glamorous parts of life. When you get Rose Carpet Ready, you enjoy the wonderful world of fashion, hair and beauty along with so much more!!

See exclusive interviews with fashion designers and makeup artist who are taking the industry by storm. Enjoy “The Beauty Break Down” with The Rose Carpet’s own, Kelaiah Rose as she breaks down her glam per event and interview.

There is so much to explore in the world of Lifestyle and Beauty, and The Rose Carpet Media Group has brought it all to one place, Just For You!!

The Rose Carpet Media Group brings on the Beauty Bar!

Love the looks you see on The Rose Carpet? Well look no further, because The Rose Carpet Beauty Bar is here to assist you!

Beginning June 1st, The Rose Carpet Media Group will be collaborating with Kelaiah Rose to officially launch our Beauty Bar! The Rose Carpet Media Group’s Beauty Bar will allow you to schedule an appointment for a full face beat (makeover)! Faces beginning at $30.00 for the entire month of June!! Head over to the Mobile Beauty Bar to schedule an appointment today!

RC Beat

To schedule an appointment with Kelaiah Rose and the Beauty Bar, simply head to the Mobile Beauty Bar tab and send an email request. All email response will be received within 24 hours of your request!

See the Fashion and Beauty Experts who have stepped onto The Rose Carpet:


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