The Venue

Reserved for The V.I.P., only on The Rose Carpet!

Welcome to The Rose Carpet Media Group Venue!

When you Step into The Venue be prepared for all things entertainment, from Music to Sporting Events, whatever takes place in The Venue is meant to entertain! The Rose Carpet Media Group will take you backstage and behind the scenes to get all the exclusive information about new and local, as well as your favorite artist and entertainers. So stay tuned with The Rose Carpet Media Group as we take you to all things new and exciting in the Magnificent World of Entertainment!

Join Us as we Roll out The Rose Carpet during Weekend Sessions!

Join The Rose Carpet Media Group, June 22nd, as we venture to Coastal Georgia for Weekend Sessions, presented by Bernard Rose Music and The Satin Sax Corporation.

It is our pleasure to announce, with great excitement, our very first booking in the state of Georgia! Weekend Sessions is a single day event that takes place at the Liberty County Performing Arts Center in Hinesville, Georgia. The event begins at 7:00 pm, with advanced tickets being sold, NOW! Stay tuned as we travel to Georgia for a unforgetable night of Contemporary Jazz from Bernard Rose and the Weekend Sessions Band, along with headliner vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Percival  Williams. Weekend Sessions flyerWeekend Session is Hinesville/Flemington Liberty County’s premiere live music event that features local, regional, and national artist that focus on playing and performing contemporary and traditional jazz music, R&B, Neo Soul, blues music, and more! This month we will be featuring the Weekend Sessions Band and vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Percival Williams!  To learn more about Weekend Sessions and to Purchase tickets to the June 22nd event, Click Here!

Step onto The Rose Carpet at The 18th Annual Florida Music Festival 2018!

Starting things off right and with a BANG! The Rose Carpet Media Group is Proud to announce our media presence at The 18th Annual Florida Music Festival 2018 in Downtown Orlando, Florida! The weekend long event kick-off takes place Friday, May 10th through Sunday, May 12th; expecting 150 bands on a total of 10 stages this event is expected to be crazy. Full of artist and talent from throughout the nation, the event is sure to be action packed and full of excitement. Be sure to stay tuned as Kelaiah Rose of The Rose Carpet Media Group does a recap of the major festivities that take place during this amazing event, Click Here!31910871_2201040816848735_7606745852719136768_o

Step onto The Rose Carpet with the various artist and musical talent of Florida Music Festival 2018:

Florida Music Festival 2018

Overload on Music at Florida Music Festival 2018

Live from the Florida Music Festival 2018 stage with The Rose Carpet Media Group

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